About Yeople

…Your gifts and the accessories you wear talk more about you than any word you can say…

YEOPLE is the Abbreviated Coded Rendition Of Name Yielding Meaning  of  “Young People”,  since 1900’s.

Yeople was founded in London in 1921 manufacturing clever gifts and unique accessories. An historic London brand though, that has made history, always preserves its charm. In 2012 it was acquired by the current owners who bought it and gave a modern image in order to reach new horizons and market shares.
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Yeople is our dream company.

Even if we are serious workers, Yeople is the toy we have always wanted to have and the toy we will always want to play with, from now until we run out of batteries.

We are a team of honest businessmen, probably something rare in these times. But we believe exclusively in this type of entrepreneurship.
We fight hard to reach the best price for you, but we will never sacrifice any worker’s life to reach even lower prices, neither manufacturing in Occident nor producing in Orient.

When you buy a YEOPLE product, you are making a big step to help us teach the industry how to manufacture in the 21st century. (Even though, outside there are a lot of people doing great entrepreneurship too, we admire them, competitors or not).

That is the reason we feel like Young People  re-building the manufacturing industry, re-building the business world, while being an honest player in the field.  We  might look small, but keep buying us and you will see what we become.

Some businessmen could think we are crazy, but we are Men, at its complete meaning. During the time, our followers, promoters and  happy clients will demonstrate we were right.

When you buy any YEOPLE’s product or you receive a YEOPLE’s gift,  you can feel the full positive energy it was made with.
It’s history is clean and happy, from materials to the hands of Kashy, Marco, Karina, Rita, Puzzo, Pietro, Giuliano, Kubrick, Alessandro, Michele  and everyone that used their brainpower to produce with love it for you to feel it.

Let us know what you feel, we will be happy to hear from you.


Contact us via e-mail: info [at] yeople [dot] com